Here you will find some usefull links. If you want to suggest the addition of a link, or if you find a link here that's broken, sent me an email.

Top Links

Find answers to all your earthly questions here.

Find out how the words you use program your brain at Speak Mindfully.

Find out more about the languages of the world at Glottolog and The World Atlas of Linguistic Structures.


Find out about good practices in language documentation here.

Check out this slideshow by Peter Austin about linguistic fiedlwork.

Tools and analysis

ELAN is a tool for the creation of complex annotations on video and audio resources.

Praat is free software package for the scientific analysis of speech in phonetics.

If you plan to do anything with quantitative analysis, I highly recommned using R in R Studio. Get started here. Spend a little time learning how it works, and your analyses and graphics will kick the butt of anything that you'll do with a spreadsheet.

Basic programming skills are also useful for basically any repetetive tasks that need to be done on the computer. Python is a well thought out, teansparent language that's suitable for beginners. Invest a little time so you can do things more efficiently in the long run. Get started saving time with Python here.