Curriculum Vitae

  • Born: October 1983 in Providence, Rhode Island (USA)
  • Orcid: 0000-0002-7647-4048
  • Download a full CV in PDF format here.


  • PhD Linguistics 2014 – Radboud University Nijmegen (Netherlands)
    Project: Dynamics of Language contact in Suriname.
    My dissertation The Life of Language: Dynamics of Language Contact in Suriname, defended 2014•01•31, can be downloaded here.
  • MA Linguistics 2009 – Leiden University (Netherlands)
  • BA Anthropology and African Studies 2006 – Rhode Island College (USA)

Employment History

  • 2020—present Research associate. Deoartment of English and American Studies, Friedrich-Schiller University Jena.
  • 2020—present Teaching Adjunct. Department of Linguistics and Philology, Uppsala University.
  • 2019—2020 Project assistant. Department of Linguistics and Philology, Uppsala University.
  • 2017–2019 Posdoctoral Research Fellow in minority studies at the Hugo Valentin Centre, Uppsala University.
    Research project: New Speakers of Wymysorys: the reconstitution of the local language and sociolinguistic identity in Wilamowice.
  • 2016–2017 Assistant Professor (Polish: adiunkt naukowy) at Wydział „Artes Liberales", University of Warsaw. My employment was divided between two projects:
    "ENGHUM" — Engaged Humanities in Europe: capacity building for participatory research in linguistic-cultural heritage — main responsibilities include: ensuring a high quality, rigorous scientific component in all aspects of the project; organization of thematic workshops; preparation of publications for public consumption and overseeing funding agency deliverables.
    Europe and America in contact: a multidisciplinary study of cross-cultural transfer in the New World across time — main responsibility: linguistic analysis, esp. relating to the role of Spanish in diachronic change among the Nahuan languages.
  • 2015 Temporary Lecturer at the Department of Aesthetics and Communication, Aarhus University. My Semester-long appointment involved teaching two courses and engaging in a small research project The problem of Songhay classification as a (post)creole language family revisited. in connection with the Cognitive Creolistics group.
  • 2009–2013 Promovendus (PhD candidate) in the Department of Linguistics at Radboud University Nijmegen. My primary responsibility was to conduct research in order to prepare a doctoral dissertation.

  • Contract work:
    • 2015 Reviewing and editing material for the publication Integral Strategies for language revitalization.
    • 2015 Providing scientific support to the project Europe and America in contact: a multidisciplinary study of cross-cultural transfer in the New World across time, especially relating to contact induced language change, in an interdisciplinary project on Nahuan languages in diachrony.
    • 2015 Coding structural (typological) features values for the GramBank database.
    • 2014 Providing scientific support to the Cognitive Creolistics group at Aarhus University. My task was to check coded scores for a set of 30 typological features in a set of pidgin and creole languages, their superstrates, suspected substrates, and a number of unrelated African languages
    • 2014 Reviewing, editing, and typesetting the manuscript Surviving the Middle Passage.
    • 2011 Copy Editing of technical (linguistics) manuscripts for Brill Publishers, the Netherlands.


Teaching Philosophy

My teaching has focused broadly on language in society and language change. I have had the opportunity to teach a range of students, from first year undergraduates, to graduate student research workshops and courses for post-PhD researchers outside of linguistics. As a teacher, I aim to foster students’ personal development through theory driven hypothesis building, guided practical research, and critical data-driven reasoning.

I advocate for and practice Situated Learning, where students acquire skills and knowledge by active participation and practice. A quote from James Gee's 2003 article in Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy and Practice adequately reflects my teaching philosophy.

... while you can overtly teach someone linguistics, a body of knowledge, you can't teach them to be a linguist ... the most you can do is to let them practice being a linguist with you.

I teach theory as a basis for hypothesis formulation, but encourage my students to engage in data-driven testing of their hypotheses, then in critical evaluation of the those theoretical bases according to their own conclusions. Whether supervising a graduate thesis project, or taking 15 minutes of class time for students to try a technique they have learned about, I teach from practice and promote student's agency in learning by encouraging practical application of tools and concepts covered in the teaching.

I enjoy teaching courses at any level, from introductory courses to advanced graduate seminars and thesis supervision. I find it particularly exciting to design courses from the ground up. I particularly welcome teaching courses that relate to my research specialization, including but not limited to: language documentation and field methods; linguistic typology and language description; linguistic anthropology, cognitive semantics, interactional sociolinguistics; multilingualism; variationist sociolinguistics and quantitative methods; pidgin and creole studies; diachronic linguistics, especially in terms of language contact.


  • RM1 State-of-the-art Methods in Sociolinguistics -co-designed and co-taught with Margot van den Berg
    LOT winter school (Dutch Graduate School of Linguistics) 2021. Target: MA & PhD Students
  • Introduction to Linguistics - main instructor (2 sections)
    Winter 2020/21, Friedrich-Schiller University. Target: 1st year BA students
  • Functional Grammar - main instructor
    Fall semester 2020, Uppsala University. Target: BA Students
  • Linguistic Fieldwork: Data collection and handling - course design, main instructor
    Summer 2020 CNRS-IKER Basque Summer Tutorial on Language Documentation. Target: BA Students, Graduate Students, and Community Stakeholders
    ~~~Postponed Due to COVID-19~~~
  • Language, Culture and Thought - main instructor
    Spring semester 2020, Uppsala University. Target: BA Students
  • Introduction to Corpus Linguistics - course design, main instructor
    Spring semester 2020, Friedrich-Schiller University. Target: BA Students
  • "English Grammar" — describing varieties of English in typological perspective - course design, main instructor
    Spring semester 2020, Friedrich-Schiller University. Target: BA Students
  • Language Contact: Endangerment, Revitalization, and New Speakers - course design, main instructor
    Spring semester 2018, 2019 - Current Trends in Linguistics, Uppsala University. Target: BA & MA Students
  • Contact Linguistics - 3 full day “crash course” in contact linguistics for graduate students and post-docs affiliated with the project Europe and America in contact: a multidisciplinary study of cross-cultural transfer in the New World across time.
    June 2015 - University of Warsaw, Faculty of “Artes Liberales”. Target: Graduate Students and Postdocs
  • Language, Culture, and Society - course design, main instructor
    Spring semester, Aarhus University 2015. Target: BA Students
  • Master research workshop “Contact Linguistics” - course design, main instructor
    spring semester 2015, Aarhus University. Target: MA Students

Incidental Lecturing

  • Språket, individen och samhället [The individual, Langauge and Society]. Department of Linguistics and Philology, Uppsala University
    Fieldwork in sociolinguistics - December 2018
  • Graduate Seminar in Sociolinguistics. Polish Academy of Science, Institute of Slavic Studies, Warsaw.
    What is Sociolinguistics?: introduction to the concepts, goals, and methods of sociolinguistics - October 2018
  • Flersråkighet och språkkontakt i svenskt och internationellt perspektiv [Multilingualism and language contact in Swedish and International perspectives]. Hugo Valentin Centre, Uppsala University
    Structural changes in three unrelated cases: Maroon Creoles, Nahuatl, and Wymysorys - April 2018
    Language revitalization: the case of Wymysorys - May 2018
  • Toward a world of cultural abundance: reaching globally to revitalize endangered languages. Wydział „Artes Liberales", University of Warsaw
    A survey of the Coppename Kwinti: code-mixing, language variation, and/or language shift - March 2016
  • Taal en Cultuur [Language and Culture]. Deparment of Linguistics, Radboud University Nijmegen
    Anthropological Linguistics, Perspectives on Kinship systems - 2012
  • Taal en Cultuur [Language and Culture]. Deparment of Linguistics, Radboud University Nijmegen
    Language Maintenance and Death: the case of Kwinti - 2011
  • Introduction to linguistics. Deparment of Linguistics, Radboud University Nijmegen
    Fieldwork in Suriname: practicalities, challenges, and language contact - 2011


  • Erik Fau (Master Student) - Thesis on langugae maintenance and new speakers of Aragonese. Perspective completion: spring 2019

Academic Engagement

  • Reviewer and Advisory Board Member - 2018—present. Journal of Communication and Cultural Trends.
  • Thesis committee - 2020. Participation in two PhD thesis committees for submissions at the University of Management and technology, Lahore, Pakistan.
  • Scientific organizer - 2019. Uppsala Language Documentation Group Workshop on language documentation: multilingual settings and technological advances
  • Peer review - 2019. Submission to Journal of Communication and Cultural Trends
  • External Reviewer - 2018. Nederlandse Organizsatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek [Dutch Organization for Scientific research], project application
  • External Reviewer - 2018. Adeptus, two journal articles
  • External Reviewer - 2018. Anonymous peer review in edited volume on Surinamese creole linguistics (Aboh, E.A, N. Smith, & T. Veenstra [eds]), one Chapter
  • Scientific organizer - April-May 2018. Hugo Valentin Open Lecture Series. Theme: Combating Language Endangerment and Death
  • External Reviewer - 2017. Poznan Studies in Contemporary Linguistics, journal Article
  • Scientific organizer - March 2017. ENGHUM workshop. Theme:Developing practical skills for transforming documentation into multi-dimensional materials for transdisciplinary humanistic research
  • Scientific organizer - December 2016. ENGHUM workshop. Theme: applicability of results of research on language and culture and the models of practical applications, understanding societal and cultural challenges
  • Assistant organizer - September 2016. Fieldschool for the documentation of endangered languages and cultures in Wilamowice, part of the ENGHUM project
  • Scientific organizer - September 2016. Thematic session at Poznań Linguistics Meeting A fresh look at contact-induced changes in language structure: the role of large scale corpora in contact linguistics
  • External reviewer - 2016. Creolistics (University of Giessen) XI conference (10–15 abstracts)
  • Scientific organizer - May 2016. ENGHUM Workshop. Themes: Practical applications, understanding societal and cultural challenges and Teaching minority languages, methodology and curriculum development
  • Scientific organizer - March 2016. ENGHUM Workshop. Themes: Capacity-building in methodology and theory of transdisciplinary research on cultural and linguistic heritage and Applicability of results of research on language and culture
  • External Reviewer - 2015. Prace Komisji Nauk Filologicznych Oddzału Polskiej Akademii Nauk we Wrocławiu [Polish Academy of Science, Wroclaw Philological Branch], two chapters in an edited volume
  • Student Editorial Assistant - 2008. Journal of African Languages and Linguistics
  • Assistant organizer - September 2012. Contact and Convergence in Suriname: theoretical approaches and case studies. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Scientific/logistical organizer - August 2010. Kréyòl: graduate seminar on pidgin and creole linguistics. Groesbeek, The Netherlands

Research Funding

  • Kungl. Vitterhetsakadamien [The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiques] nomination for research exchange with Polish Academy of Science
    2018 Short exchange for the purpose of collaborative research relating to endangered / minority language activism
  • I was a contributing co-author to the Language as a cure project, now hosted at the Center for Research and Practice in Cultural Continuity, University of Warsaw.
  • I was a contributing co-author to the Collaborative Research, Community Engagement and Innovative Educational Tools (COLING) project.
  • Fund for Endangered Languages
    2010 Grant for the study of Kumanti, an endangered Ritual language spoken among Suriname’s Maroons.

Technical Skills

  • Operating systems: Mac OSX, Linux
  • Office: LaTex, Open Office, Acrobat
  • Database: XML, FileMaker, QDA Miner, RQDA, TAMS analyzer
  • Linguistic analysis: ELAN, Praat, FLEx
  • Statistics: R, SplitsTree
  • Programming: Python, Bash
  • Web dev: HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Audio manipulation: digital (Audacity, Ardour, LogicPro) and analogue engineering