About This Website

Here you find information about this website. Like most (all?) websites it is written in html, styled in CSS and JavaScript. The site is hosted and deployed via Netlify; it was super easy to set up. I'm not a web developer, so depending on your browser, some things might not work as they were intended — I did most of the initial testing in Chrome (v70.0.3538.110), but I also checked things out in Firefox (v64.0), Safari (v10.1.2), and Opera (v57.0.3098.102) in Mac OS (10.12.6), and Chrome (v71.0.3578.98) in Android (v5.1).

If you think something isn't working as it should, please send me a message so I can check out the issue and correct it if necessary|possible.

2018•12•28 — update: v01.002 published

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2018•12•24 — update: v01.001 published

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2018•12•19 — site version 01.000 is launched

2018•12•18 — beta version of site launched

2018•12•14 — site conceptualized and construction begins


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